Kalalau Trail, Po’ipu Beach, Kalapaki Beach

Most recently, Kauai is a must location for every traveler, even though it has been in shadow of more renowned islands Maui and Oahu. If you take a quick look, you might just see pure magnificent nature. But if you pay more attention, you will discover possibly the most wonderful island in Hawaii, who has fantastic cuisine, embedded art district, and you may find yourself in a most wonderful remote place in the world.

Most travelers are arriving to Kauai dreaming about hiking in famous Kalalou trail which is located on the Na Pali shoreline. Many of them often are afraid when they figure out that the trail leads more than 10 miles through the steep slopes, dirt roads and creeks. One thing everybody agrees on is that is definitely worth it if you have a day of spare time.

Furthermore, hikers are also united about the advices on what should you do to overcome the hike. Since it is such a demanding and exhausting hike, make sure you bring all the necessities, like water and food. Besides, wear some good durable and solid boots for hiking and comfortable clothes, adjusted to hot weather.

Also bear in mind that if you would like to appreciate the nature environment to the fullest, the hike should take more than a day. You will be enchanted by the gorgeous scenery and hopefully capture some very memorable photos. Hiking is free of charge during the day, but camping is charged usually around twenty dollars per person, but check that on the official site before your trip.

Po’ipu is the most beautiful beach which also makes it the most crowded one. If you are into water sports and activities, you are at the right place, but if you are rather looking for peaceful and quiet place, you should avoid it or go to Kalapaki Beach. However, Po’ipu is less crowded in off season.

Founded on the south side of the shore, Kalapaki is nice and calm beach popular among the residents. It is definitely less crowded and water is good for both surfing and casual swimming, and this beach is good for the surf beginners. You can rent a boat or a kayak on the beach, and there are also some bars to hang out as well.

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